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    Rich cocoa ice cream with hints of orange, ancho chiles, and cinnamon, made with Maya Drinking Chocolate from Gearharts Fine Chocolates.  Layered with vanilla “whipped” ice cream on top and dusted with ancho chile, cinnamon, and dried orange peel. 6-oz container.

    Ingredients: Mayan Chocolate Ice Cream (Heavy Cream, Sugar, Whole Milk (Milk, Vitamins A & D), Egg Yolks, Gearhart's Maya Drinking Chocolate (Semisweet Chocolate, Roasted and Ground Cacao Nibs, Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Ancho Chile Powder, Orange Oil, Maltodextrin), Vanilla Extract, Salt), Vanilla "Whipped" Ice Cream (Heavy Cream, Simple Syrup, Egg Yolks, Vanilla Paste, Salt), Cinnamon, Sugar, Ancho Chile, Candied Orange Peel (Orange Peel, Sugar)

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