Hi, I'm Emily.

Ice cream has such a beautiful way of bringing out the child in us all, no matter our age. I think that's pretty special.

I started making ice cream when my kids were tiny and I was immediately hooked. It all started with one small machine.  Then I got a bigger machine and then, an even bigger machine. I began studying ice cream and collecting every recipe I could find, and what started as a hobby turned into an all-consuming passion.  I enrolled in the Ice Cream Short Course at Penn State, which has been running for over 125 years and draws people from around the globe. Upon graduation, I started SugarBear, set up shop and never looked back.

I focus on flavors that are built around locally grown or created ingredients.  My goal is to celebrate food, small business, and community.  Each flavor is made from scratch and reflects the authenticity, joy and creativity of people who live and work in Charlottesville, VA.

Life is full of curveballs, but ice cream is constant. Many of us turn to it in the midst of happiness, crisis, and everything in between. For me, ice cream is always the answer.  It is how I channel and share love, joy, and creativity.